The Healthy Food Blog for People Who Don’t Like Healthy Food Blogs…

We dislike healthy food blogs. Immensely. Why?

The 52 flawless pictures of avocado toast followed by two lines of instructions at the bottom of the page (because apparently there are people who can’t figure it out).

Existential Crisis Avocado Toast
Annoying, no?

The thousand-word essay about a trip to the farmer’s market on a fixed-gear bike and subsequent existential crisis over a latte containing dairy instead of soy.

Two words: chia “pudding”. Seriously?

Here’s the deal: we’re a couple of fat chicks who are becoming less fat and more healthful. We’re reinventing classic meals, snacks, and desserts, without grain and sugar, and without blowing the budget or having to live in the kitchen.

If you dig that, welcome aboard. We’re fresh out.

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