Apparently, people want to know stuff and things about us. Here you go…

What makes you so special?
Besides what our moms tell us? Nothing. But we are different. Our posts spare you the long narratives and useless photo scrolling so you can get you to the info you’re after and get on with your life. Win-win.

What inspires your recipes?
As stated on our home page, we’re trying to eat better foods. We’re also picky like children, so we pull components we like from every recipe we come across to suit our juvenile palates and substitute the rest. If it works out, it ends up here. If not, lesson learned. Recipes that are close to the original are marked “adapted”, and verbatim recipes are credited and link back to the original source. We’re not thieves. Geez.

Can I request recipes?
Sure. Maybe we’ll come up with something, maybe we won’t, but ask away. As the great Michael Scott [Wayne Gretzky] said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Can I use your recipes/photos on my blog?
We’re cool with that as long as you credit us and link back to our original recipe post.

Your photos suck.
Right? Here’s why: our photos (taken with our phones) are of our actual meals, on our actual plates, right before we shove them into our actual faces. When we said no frills or BS, we meant it. You shouldn’t have to scroll through 52 pictures to learn how to make toast. It’s our #1 food blog peeve. We’ve fixed it. You’re welcome.

What’s up with no macros?
We have yet to find consistent nutritional calculators. Rather than publish erroneous information, we prefer to let you run the calculations on your own, accounting for any substitutions you make along the way. Besides, we’re not medical professionals. If nutrition and weight management are concerns, we urge you to seek the care of a qualified medical doctor and a certified nutritionist. We’re sure glad we did!

So, we can substitute things in your recipes?
Yes and no. Substitute at your own risk. We include brands in our recipes because there are differences (especially with flours). We are partial to Anthony’s Goods flours because they deliver consistent quality and results. We can’t offer substitution advice.

I tried your recipe and it failed. Miserably.
We don’t know why that happened, unfortunately. If you feel a recipe needs clarification, post in the recipe comments and we’ll address it ASAP.

What do you do with the food you cook for the blog? Have you eaten literally every recipe on this blog?
The food we cook is for us. We just happen to blog about it. So, yes, we’ve literally eaten every last recipe. We make them a few times before posting, so we know they’re just right.

How do I start a food blog?
We’re still figuring that out.

What “diet” are you following?
We’re not on a fad diet of any kind. Under the care of qualified medical professionals, we embarked on an elimination protocol and have slowly added foots back into our diets. In general, we avoid processed foods, grain and sugar, limit dairy and starches, and have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily (although we are omnivores). All our recipes are gluten-free because Celiac Disease is a drag.

What’s your deal with salt?
Over salting is for processed foods that taste like cardboard.  The farther you get from processed foods, the more you’ll taste real food. Salt becomes less of an issue. We like to cook with minimal added salt and let the individual season to taste. We use plain old table salt in our recipes because fundamental chemistry taught us that fancy salt is a rip-off (unless it is smoked or specially seasoned).

What’s your deal with product links?
We link to ingredients (some affiliate, some not) we use in our recipes as well as products we use in our kitchen to make said recipes. If you see a link to an item, it’s because we own and enjoy using it. If you purchase said item through our affiliate link, we make a couple bucks. It’s how we pay to keep this blog running. However, we encourage supporting local businesses in your own community. If you can find the same item locally, rock on.

Do you review products?
No. We don’t accept free products in exchange for reviews. We’re not here to peddle junk. If we recommend something, it’s because we actually use it and believe it was worth spending our money on.  If the quality of a product or service changes and is no longer worth using, we’ll say so.

Eating well is expensive. How do you save money?
With far less effort than you might think. We use Ratuken, Ibotta, and Swagbucks (printable grocery coupons) to rack up cash back and reward points, which we convert into gift cards. We go through weekly circulars when making our grocery list and hit the sales. If you track pricing, you’ll quickly identify the sale cycles in your area. We buy poultry, fish, and meat in bulk and on sale, and have a freezer. All summer long, we stock up on produce at local farmers markets and farm stands. Also, we love Aldi. Most importantly, we plan ahead so we have a rough idea of what we will be making for the week.

Are you on Pinterest?
Yes we are.  We know our images aren’t great. We celebrate the fact that we live in the real world where things are not picture perfect, and we hope you do, too. That’s why we cook real food real people can make and enjoy at home. If you want to pin the imperfect pictures of our imperfect food, that’s cool. We’ll even give you a button.

What’s your comment policy?
Don’t be a dick. Seriously. We will block you.

Can you suggest wine/beer pairings for your recipes?
Nope. We’re totally useless when it comes to booze.

What’s your kitchen like?
Quaint, cozy, and early 90’s vintage chic. In other words, small, dated and nothing fancy. If we can do this, so can you. Get cooking!