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Oven Roasted Bacon

Oven Roasted Bacon

Super crispy bacon from the oven, effortlessly.

  • Total Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 package smoked center cut bacon, or portion thereof


  1. Place oven rack in bottom position and preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil and place a cooling rack on the sheet. If desired, fold the foil up around the rack to reduce spatter.
  2. Place bacon in a single layer on rack. No need to leave space between the slices as long as they don’t overlap. 
  3. Cook bacon 15-20 minutes, depending on desired crispness. Keep an eye on it after 15 minutes. 
  4. Remove from oven and transfer bacon to a large plate lined with paper towel to finish draining. 
  5. Serve immediately or cool further before crumbling. 
  • Author: Fresh. Out.
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Category: Bacon
  • Method: Baking

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