Vegan Grain-Free Mini Apple Pies

Vegan Grain-Free Mini Apple Pies

Our Vegan Grain-Free Mini Apple Pies are refined sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo compliant, and bursting with sweet apple and tangy cranberry flavors.

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Vegan Grain-Free Mini Apple Pies

Vegan Grain-Free Mini Apple Pies

  • Author: Fresh. Out.
  • Prep Time: 30
  • Cook Time: 30
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: 4 Mini Pies 1x
  • Category: Desserts, Pies
  • Method: Stove Top, Baking
  • Cuisine: Vegan, Plant-Based


Vegan Grain-Free Mini Apple Pies




Ahead of Time

  1. Prep the pie crust dough and refrigerate overnight (or minimally a couple of hours).
  2. Set four 8-ounce ramekins on a rimmed baking sheet for the pies and set oven rack to center position. If using the whole pie dough batch, line another baking sheet with parchment or Silpat to bake shapes with the excess dough.  

For the Filling

  1. Add the juice of half a Meyer lemon to a large bowl. Immediately add apples to the lemon juice as they are chopped and toss to coat (to prevent browning). Once all the chopped apples have been tossed in the juice, sprinkle with a generous pinch of salt and toss again. This cuts through the sweetness to bring out the apple flavor. Trust.
  2. To a medium bowl, add the Lakanto Golden Sweetener, tapioca flour, and all dry spices. Reserve a teaspoon of the Lakanto Classic Sweetener and add the rest to the bowl. Use a wire whisk to combine completely. 
  3. In a large nonstick sauté pan, melt the vegan butter/oil/shortening over medium heat. Add the apples and arrange in a single layer. Sauté 2 minutes (do not stir) then flip. Sauté another 2 minutes then quickly transfer to a colander to drain off excess liquid.
  4. Return the pan to the burner and add the apples back to the pan. Sprinkle with apples with the sweetener mixture while gently tossing to coat evenly. Remove the pan from heat, add the vanilla and dried cranberries, and toss again. 
  5. The apples will give off more liquid, so use a slotted spoon to distribute the apples and cranberries evenly between the four ramekins. You want to fill them 3/4 full and mound them up in the center so the center stands just a bit higher than the edges of the ramekin dish. 
  6. Transfer the remaining liquid from the sauté pan to a small saucepan and stir constantly over low heat until the liquid thickens to a melted caramel consistency. This only takes a minute. Immediately drizzle a heaping teaspoon over the apples in each of the ramekins. Work quickly because this solidifies as it cools.
  7. Let the apples cool to room temperature. The reduction will melt again when the pies are baked resulting in a caramel-like sauce as the apples give off more liquid. 

For the Crust

  1. While the apples are cooling, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and prepare the pie tops. You’ll want to cut circular shapes that are slightly larger than the ramekins so you can crimp the dough around the edges. Roll this dough cold, between two sheets of parchment, working with about half of the dough at a time and returning scraps to the fridge immediately. Cut shapes as desired and immediately replace top parchment layer, transfer the parchment packet to a cookie sheet, and freeze for 5 minutes. This makes it easier to peel off the shapes without tearing.
  2. Place shapes onto the ramekins as soon as they are cut, crimp around the edges, and cut slits on the top to vent.

Putting it Together

  1. Bake the mini pies on the center rack for 25-30 minutes. The crust will be very lightly golden (it doesn’t brown the way butter-based crusts do). 
  2. While pies are baking, roll and cut the remainder of the dough into shapes. Use the freezer trick to keep the dough workable. These can be baked on the top rack above the mini pies but will bake up quickly – in 8-10 minutes, depending on size/thickness. 
  3. When pies are finished baking, remove from oven, immediately brush with the Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup and sprinkle with the reserved Lakanto Classic Sweetener. This gives the pies an egg washed look and the maple adds depth of flavor. Shapes can also be brushed/sprinkled. 
  4. Your house now smells amazing and you’ll want to eat one right away but beware of these tiny pots of molten lava (of course we learned the hard way). Let the pies sit at least 10-15 minutes before serving…longer for the kiddos. Serve warm or at room temperature for maximum caramel goodness. 


Refrigerate covered up to 4 days.  

If using store-bought or any other pie crust recipe, bake as directed (may be a longer bake with a different crust).

Total time does not include chill/freezing time.



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